Outdoor gym and meeting seagulls on a weekend walk along Tromsø coast, Northern Norway.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2020

It´s been some frustrating weeks for everyone with the current global health pandemic that has led to disrupted lifestyles and socioeconomic consequences. In Northern Norway, society is cautiously opening.

In this video, I show a weekend walk along the coast of the city of Tromsø. To walk along the coast is one of my weekend activities to do here. I was delighted to find a group of individuals in an outdoor workout session. It reminded me of when I was in primary school in Singapore, when classes of children would go for physical exercise (PE) classes outdoor in the school fields. I haven´t seen this type of scene since I was 17 years old, most likely during my last PE class outdoors with my junior college Taekwondo Club. We ran a 5 km stretch on bare foot along the East Coast Park of Singapore. I have no idea whose brilliant idea that was to do because many of us came back with blisters on our feet thereafter, and could not train in the following week after that run. No, this group workout scene is much more relaxed. People are having fun again.

On a side note, the seagulls are pretty much the same. Lots of them, all talking at once, gathered for an indication of feed time, somewheres.