Vanilla gelato, ice-cream served with apple cinnamon marmalade

A summery dessert.
Photo © J E Nilsson for CMC, 2009

One scoop of vanilla ice-cream. On the side, one small apple sliced, diced and fried in butter, sugar, cinnamon and some breadcrumbs. Decorate with a quick drizzle of dark syrup and top off with a small leaf of mint.

By the end of last autumn, we received a large number of apples from a neighbour who had a spacious garden filled with old apple trees. Apple will store and keep over the winter if kept reasonably cold and dry. Now however, we were down to our last batch and looking at our very last three apples and we decided to celebrate them by transforming them into this wonderfully sweet and temperature cooling dessert. And besides, if looking for something Italian inspired, what could be more Italian than gelato?

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