Along the Swedish west coast across the islands of Tjörn and Orust, Sweden, Summer 2020.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2020

If you take the E6 expressway from the city of Gothenburg by car, you’ll get to the islands of Tjörn and Orust in about 45 mins. The twin islands are perfectly charming places to visit particularly during the summer months, with many antique shops for browing, and cafés to serve as rest stops.

It was just about lunch time when we drove across the Tjörn bridge, so we thought to try lunch at Restaurang Tjörnbron. Known for its excellent menu and friendly service, Restaurang Tjörnbron is located at one of west coast Sweden’s most scenic spots, at the top of a lookout point into the waters of Tjörn, right at the corner of the bridge.

As a manner of coronavirus management, the restaurant has made some changes to how they serve their food, and to the seating arrangements. It being a summer’s weekday, we were quite happy to observe a steady stream of customers in the hour that we sat and had lunch. The restaurant has a set lunch menu for each day of the week, offering a choice between seafood, meat, pasta or vegetarian. We ordered European hake or kummel. Kummel is a white fish with a texture very much like cod or a large herring. It was baked in dill and served drizzled over with lemon sauce. The fish came with side dishes such as salad, bread, and potatoes from this years harvest. Coffee and biscuits come with the set lunch menu as well.

We continued to drive along the west coast, going a little farther up to Uddevalla before making an about turn to return to Gothenburg and the southern archipelago islands where we live.

Taking long scenic drives through the Swedish west coast is one of my absolute favourite summer things to do. Yesterday, the weather was warm, partially cloudy and perfect for that day out.

Restaurang Tjörnbron, Tjörn, Sweden. Summer 202007. The restaurant’s menu reflects a high level of health consciousness now in the coronavirus times. Their menu is modestly priced and their service personnel are pleasant. Highly recommended as a pit stop. Difficult to find though via a long winding road but worth it.

Kummel baked in dill and served with lemon sauce and a side of boiled fresh potatoes.

Skåpesund marks the border between the two islands of Tjörn and Orust on the Swedish west coast.

Height defying flowers enjoying the magnificent view, are growing on the edge of a cliff.

One huge red berry, apparently a raspberry, misplaced or left for later by a bird.

From a lookout point at Orust overlooking Nötesund and at the other side, the Tjörn Island.