English Morello Cherries is a fantastic cherry for pie making and cooking. This dark red to nearly black fruit can be used when making liqueurs and brandies, and its tart, dark juice lends itself to be made into a most fantastic syrup!
Photo: JE Nilsson for CMC © 2010

Admittedly early August can’t really be called autumn, not even in Sweden, in northern Europe. But still, at this time of the year it is harvest time and all nice things come in such abundances it is difficult to find ways of taking care of it all.

A cherry tree in the garden offered an easy enough target for our efforts and for the first time in many years, the berries made it all the way into the kitchen without being all eaten by the pickers straight from the branches.

Making home made syrup was highest on the wishing list about these strong flavored cherries whose name is skuggmoreller in Swedish.


To make syrup only about half a liter of water is necessary. After the water boils, add the cherries and boil for some ten minutes to extract the juice. Add slightly less sugar than you have cherries in weight.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, cherry syrup making, Sweden.

Drain the cherries in a cloth sieve for about half an hour or until the dripping stops.


In my taste this syrup was best when mixed 1:1 with water and then topped up with crushed ice. You’ll find perfection in the concentration of this drink as the ice-melts and the drink chills.

The colour of this drink is a full bodied red – absolutely fantastic for serving up cocktails at a party! And a recommended all natural drink for a hot late summer’s day.

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