A black wool cloche hat with bow from Åhléns, 99 kr, currently in stores

It was in between errands that we had some time to spend window shopping in town the other day. One of my favourite things to do is to pop into the shops to have a look at what’s new and what’s in store. We did just that and popped into Åhléns (a major Swedish store chain that is comparable to Isetan in Singapore).

While I was looking at accessories, JE did the most male thing possible and that is – to sit and wait in the corner of the shop while I browsed the shelves.

After browsing 10 m from where he sat, I went back to him to show him the cute little hat with the bow (picture above) when I found him sitting quiet and unassuming, wearing this pair of ladies’ sunglasses (picture below)! He wore them as if they were his own and as if he had always had them on. And when I burst into laughter, JE looked at me as if to ask, “Is something wrong?”


Women’s sunglasses in pink-burgundy shades.

After I gathered myself together and got a chance to really look at JE, I didn’t know which thought scared me more – that he was comfortably wearing a pair of woman’s sunglasses or that I thought he actually looked good in them! A little Elton John-ish, isn’t it? Maybe a little Elvis Presley too in his later years?

I tried on those shades after JE but they absolutely did not suit my profile *wry smile*.

I wandered around Åhléns a little more and I found this cute little cotton baby doll dress with florals that came from the children’s department.


Winter florals in cotton, puff sleeve details and pleated front and back along the empire line, 179 kr, Åhlens

My thoughts are, a cute dress is always a cute dress (or top?) and it doesn’t matter from which department it comes. So I had to try them on! They came in two different colours, grey and a navy.


Winter florals in grey


Winter florals in navy

Since I couldn’t decide which colour I liked better, I bought them both, to wear on days that I feel I would like to relax and not feel too dressy.

Next stop, MNG (Mango), one of my favourite places to buy clothes. I was a fan of MNG since being in Singapore. I thought they sold very nice, smart casual office wear that suited my purpose when in Singapore.

So I’ve taken to browsing their items when in Sweden and since I’ve been here the past five years, I think I’ve purchased 2 skirts and 2 coats from them. But these days I’m beginning to change my mind about MNG because my last visit there was quite disappointing in terms of the quality of their items. I found the materials to tops and dresses thin and poorly stitched together. On some coats, I could see how the coats were already beginning to lose their shape whilst still hanging on display! I can’t imagine what would happen to the coat after a couple of washings or dry cleaning sessions?


Red wool / felt coat from MNG

Still I couldn’t help but like this red coat that I found. Not the style in particular, which I think is a sixties reminiscence, the square shape, large buttons and three quarter sleeves etc., but more the rich red colour. I absolutely loved the colour!

I skipped purchasing it though and walked out of MNG empty handed.

We ended our window shopping tour with a sushi lunch. I think I was so famished by then, I didn’t wait to take pictures of how the food actually looked, I rather wolfed it down and then, took a picture.


Happy, after sushi
Pictures all taken with a Sony Ericsson 810i mobile phone

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