Duck eggs from Aimee´s Farm in Lofoten, each dated on the day they were picked.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2020

Last Friday (28/02) was farmer´s market evening at Tromsdalen in northern Norway. Farmers from the surrounding region, from Balsfjord to a little farther south, Moskenes, gather in Tromsø to sell and distribute their products. At this small make-shift market, you´ll find traditional Norwegian smoked salmon, farm made yoghurt, eggs and various cuts of meats from lamb, sheep, cow and pigs. I noted that one farm, Aimee´s Farm (located in Lofoten), had duck eggs for sale. My eyes lit at the information.

In Singapore, salted duck eggs are served together with Teochew porridge and salted duck egg yolks are used in custard to fill soft steamed buns as well as the mid-autumn festival staple, mooncakes. The last I remember eating a duck egg was when I was a little girl back in Singapore. So I could not help but jump at the opportunity to purchase 30 of them. I was totally curious about the flavour profile of duck eggs compared to chicken eggs.

Having stashed my duck eggs safely in a bowl after coming home Friday evening, I set about this morning trying them cooked and raw. Words fail me, but the best I can describe a duck egg compared to a chicken egg is its luxuriant texture. From the thick cracking sound of the duck egg shell compared to store bought chicken eggs, to the shiny translucent whites and deep yellow of the yolk in a duck egg, there is really only one word that comes to mind – decadent.

I discovered farm bought chicken eggs more than a decade ago at an annual food fair called Passion för Mat in Gothenburg, Sweden. The food fair presented a means and arena for direct sales for local farmers. I was absolutely floored by the difference in freshness and taste of a direct from farm bought chicken egg, compared to chicken eggs available in grocery stores. Since then, we´ve tried our best to source our eggs from local Swedish farmers around Gothenburg. This morning´s tasting of a farm bought duck egg compared to a store bought chicken egg is another pivoting experience. Duck eggs are totally delicious. And from my own context of living, it is a luxury access for which I am grateful.

Milk in the process of making kefir at home.

Sunday morning view towards Tromsdal, Norway.