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Every time I’m back in Singapore, I am immediately stunned at how much has changed since my last visit – new high rises that have plugged yet another green area, new roads I’m unaware of that make finding my way back home like a tour of the neighbourhood, an old favourite coffeeshop is gone etc., and then I am struck at how much that’s still and perpetually, the same.

First of all, all these well meaning information signs that are there to make us all feel happy and safe, while in reality perhaps create more confusion than help, such as this pedestrian sign that embellished a building site area in great numbers.

Pedestrian sign, Singapore.

Helpful signs, adding to the confusion.
Photo © JE Nilsson and Cheryl M. Cordeiro-Nilsson for CMC 2010

And then the obsession with perfection, that everything here has to be neat, clean and tidy. There are new and neat litter bins everywhere and not enough litter to go around. So even the insides of the litter bins are clean.

Litter free, public bin, Singapore.

Clean on the inside as well – that’s efficiency on a whole new level.

And for exercise – shopping!
And then there’s Singapore’s national sport above and beyond everything – Shopping. That every year when the Winter rush and the New Year’s rush and the Spring rush is over, businesses think it is time to spice things up with the Great Singapore Sale. Regardless of your intentions there is no way not ending up buying at least something. Everything from designer clothes to hopelessly outdated electronics (from last month), shoes and household items alike, are on sale.

Great Singapore Sale, ION, Orchard Road.

At ION, Orchard Road, Singapore. Nothing beats shopping during the Great Singapore Sale, where there are all kinds of ‘Sale’ going on on the side too.

Moving out sale, Wisma Atria, Singapore.

At Wisma Atria, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Karen Millen, Great Singapore Sale, Singapore.

Karen Millen, Singapore.

Designer items on sale, ION, Singapore.

Featured luxury brands at ION.

Shoe sale sign, ION, Singapore.

One of many shoe stores with items on sale at ION.

Sale sign, ION, Singapore 2.

Varying discount prices that range from 15% to 70% turns shopping into a competitive sport.

Sephora in Singapore.

Something I love – the colours of Sephora, Singapore.

In a make-up store, Singapore.

And, oh, one of these little ‘nifty gadgets’, as the shop girl puts it, why not take the opportunity now when they are on sale?

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