Passion för Mat 2017

The chickens that laid these eggs have a mandatory company rule to follow – they must spend half of their time in a year roaming free, outdoors.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro E Jacobsson 2017

Fettisdagen is just about two days away, which means, a long way to Easter yet. Still, these eggs sitting so happy in the basket as they were couldn’t help but make me put shades of striped pastels and polka dots on them in view of Easter.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, with Evert Jacobsson of Torggummans Ägg.

You’ll want eggs from Torggumans Ägg in these petite concoctions…
Photo: Pixabay

Six minutes to that egg (2014.03.06)

egg halves with shrimp

This recipe calls for eggs that sit in a rolling boil of water, for six minutes.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2014

Every year at Passion för Mat, you’d find me loitering back and forth, around the egg stand. In the first few years, I was curious about the eggs themselves. What was so different with these eggs here? Are eggs, not eggs? What was there to explain for visitors?

I observed that, for the most part, the eggs were just eggs. It’s versatility, being just as useful in cakes as they are in batters and the myriad of ways they could be cooked just on their own, meant that the egg stand emptied out before closing hours on the last day of the fair.

But in the last few years, I’ve managed to catch snippets of conversation over the egg counter, where they were horrified to see how some visitors, in their rush to market at the fair, so carelessly tossed their newly acquired, fresh eggs into their shopping bags. “The eggs don’t fare well being treated roughly like that! Its texture and taste will alter! Be careful!”, they insisted.

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“What colour eggs would you like?”
“What colours have you?”, I asked, almost believing they had ones in Robin blue.
“Brown and white.”
“Oh”, I replied.

From then on, I also gathered other snippets of information over the egg counter. Counting from when the water began on a rolling boil, you could have different kinds of boiled eggs with different consistencies of soft to hard yolks. Four minutes would render a runny yellow. Twelve minutes would render a green ring around the yellow, harmless, but perhaps not the most appealing for food presentations.

After some experimenting, I’ve decided, six minutes would be my favourite textured boiled egg.

These are the eggs from Torggummans Ägg. Beginning as a small company in 1948 in Färgelanda in southern Dalsland, with 150 day old chicklings, the company supports sustainable development in all stages of its production chain. Good business management would mean minimising energy consumption and waste, and educating all staff in striving for the continuous improvement of processes through daily activities. In part, their presence at the food fair is to educate the public on the care and feeding of, Eggs.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Torggummans Ägg, Passion för Mat 2014

Believing that good eggs come from well treated hens, the company began to let their caged hens roam free as early as 1985, lending true meaning and understanding to sustainable farming. But eggs as a produce also need to be treated with care. Transportation over long distances will reduce the quality of the eggs. To ensure and maintain a high quality, the have chosen to keep their operations small and local, delivering around the region.

I came away from this year’s fair with a small haul of, eggs. Considering how many cakes, puddings, breakfasts and brunches I could work my way through, all using tons of eggs, the week ahead looks, eggciting.