Nibbling the Big Apple I

The menu at Serendipity 3, New York City.

What struck me most about Serendipity 3 was the eccentric artistry of the place. From the many Tiffany lamps adorning the ceiling to the wonderfully drawn, creatively fonted menu that came in the size of a daily broadsheet newspaper. It looked 1920s, though born in the 1950s.

Menu showing what I think are beautiful fonts

As shown in the previous post, I ordered the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate dessert. It was scrumptious to the taste buds, especially the whipped cream! More cold than hot, this dessert (which is not to be missed when there) has a feel of hot chocolate served with a good portion of crushed ice. Servings are rather large at Serendipity 3, so desserts and entrés can be easily shared between two persons.

The High Heel Pump would’ve been something to try, if there was room enough.

We also ordered the Chicken Salad on Irish Soda Bread which looked generous when it arrived but the chicken tasted rather bland, unsalted. The bread was good though.

When it comes to food, New York seems to be extremely health conscious, with low-fat, low-salt foods filling most deli and supermarkets. It was almost impossible for me to find normal full fat milk or yoghurt or cream cheese. What surprised me most though was the very high sugar content in most of these low-fat foods. Synthetic or natural, these sweet foods meant that it kept one full for all of an hour or so until the sugar crash.

Ambiance on the bottom floor of the restaurant

Walk through the cozy and narrow doorway, into the restaurant and you will arrive at this small dining area of the ground floor, the ceiling littered with Tiffany lamps and people holding the broadsheet sized menus. The restaurant covers two floors, with the second floor having higher ceilings and more skylight into the room.

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