Lussekatter, usually makes its appearance on St. Lucia which is 13 December.
Text and Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2011

There are definitely some things more than just tradition when it comes to cooking and preparing during the Advent weeks that lead to Christmas. It’s in the air, a solemn feeling of silent expectation.

In all of this, I find it very much soothing to the busy mind, all too often kept spinning by the daily transactions, to relax and just spend the whole day baking.


Lussekatter gets its golden yellow from saffron.

On the list of things already baked… saffron buns and the very Christmas staple – gingerbread cookies.


Gingerbread cookies

Here’s wishing all friends and readers a pleasant festive season, and a peaceful Advent leading up to Christmas.

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