Quizás Grand Cru Indigena Amazonia Venezuela, 72% caco Beschle chocolatier, Swiss handmade

Quizás Grand Cru, Swiss Beschle chocolate made from cocoa beans grown in the indigenous regions of the Venezuelan amazon. It contains only 3 ingredients – cocoa mass (72%), cocoa butter and cane sugar.
Photo for CMC © Jan-Erik Nilsson, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro-Nilsson 2009

The Gothenburg Chocolate and Delikatess Festival 2009 held recently gave us the opportunity to sample literally hundreds of varieties of chocolates and truffles. We came home with some of our favourites, like this bar of Quizás Grand Cru. This chocolate bar is the result of a Swiss German joint venture of the famous chocolatiers Basel Beschle, and the project developers / Latin America specialists Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer.

Quizás Grand Cru, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Swiss Chocolate with single region cocoa beans

Quizás No 2 (72%) Premier Cru Single Origin / Ocumare de la costa Venezuela.

Quizás produce more such chocolate bars made of rare, single bean varieties and single area cocoas, including their Quizás No. 1 (74%) Premier Cru Criollo Porcellana, Criollo Zulia Venezuela and their Quizás No. 2 (72%) Premier Cru Single Origin, Ocumare de la costa Venezuela.

With the world of chocolatiers dreaming up ever more fantasmic chocolate confections in all varieties of flavours mixed into the cocoa (think fruits, nuts, nougat to liquor), it was an about turn to realize that these chocolate bars, when striped down to their bare essentials – single beans from a single region, with only the 3 ingredients of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cane sugar – could jolt your tastebuds into realizing what gourmet chocolate really is.