About to bite into a chocolate fudge cake at PS Café.

One of the coziest spots in Singapore to have a languid Sunday brunch is at PS Café, situated along Harding Road. The café is not difficult to find if you’re familiar with the cluster of eateries that mushroomed amidst the tropical rainforest at Dempsey Road, including Samy’s Curry.

A wooden planked path leads right to the doors of the sprawling PS Café.

The grounds of PS Café is sprawling and large. A wooden planked path leads to the entrance of the café and everything about its design suggests a cozy private house with a well kept garden, where one can sit at the patio for hours, refilling that cup of tea. I felt all at once welcomed, and delighted at the thought of spending a few hours there, eating and socializing with close friends on the patio.

The spacious and green interior design of PS Café makes you feel like you’re dining outdoors, even when sitting in.

The café had both indoor and outdoor seating, though the high ceilings and glass walls of the café gave the impression of dining outdoors, even when seated indoors. Two large golden shower orchid plants greeted us as we entered and I couldn’t help but feel like settling into a soft sofa before perusing the menu. As I found out, the menu contained a varied selection of frosted drinks for the often warm days in equatorial Singapore.

Spaghetti Bolognaise topped with parmesan and basil.

The place grew crowded in a short period of time, so the customer service was something to be desired when we were there. The food however, was well presented and more than that, it tasted good. The food portions were generous but not so large that one couldn’t handle the meal.

One of the dishes we ordered was the Spaghetti Bolognaise, that arrived neatly stacked, topped with fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

A must try at PS Café is their sinfully rich, chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream. This cake is served in a pool of melted warm chocolate.

If I had found the food delicious at this place, the desserts didn’t disappoint either. Desserts are awesome at this place! Everything from their yoghurts, ice-cream and banana cakes were presented artistically and looked mouth watering from near and far. I almost wept at the fact that there were too many dishes to be had, and too small a stomach to stash them in.

My favourite dessert from this café is their double stacked chocolate fudge cake that is so rich, you’ll need a dollop of ice-cream with it to make the eating smoother. Each portion of this cake is fairly generous, so that even the most ebullient of chocolate lovers might find it a challenge downing a single serving of this order. Two persons to this chocolate fudge dessert seemed more comfortable for us.

PS Café can be found on Harding Road, nestled in the cove of Dempsey eateries.

The crowd that is drawn to PS Café is an eclectic mix of Europeans and Asians. The garden with its beautifully pruned grass and flowering plants make it is a child friendly place, where children can run around on their own, exploring the corners of the gardens whilst their parents spend time finishing their meal.

PS Café is a recommended visit when at Dempsey’s and I found it quite a perfect place for a Sunday brunch.

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