At the Orchid Country Club, Singapore.

There was an annual dinner and dance to attend at the Orchid Country Club this time of year, where it’s become a tradition at this party, to dress to a theme.

Christmas decoration at the Social Club House, Orchid Country Club, Singapore.

This year’s theme was Pirates of the Caribbean, where not just the more extroverted Eurasians dressed up but the Malays, Indians and Chinese took the opportunity to let their hair down, dress up and have some pure fun!

In the ballroom, a banner to the night’s theme.

Whilst most at the party took the time to rent a pirate outfit, some going colonial with tailcoats, hooked arms and parrots etc., I’m almost embarrassed to say that my own ‘costume’ came from my own wardrobe.

The outfit, from head to toe:

  • A broad brimmed sun hat in felt, pinned back to look like a tri-corned hat.
  • A black and silver shawl from Chomel, used as a turban around the head, under the hat.
  • Silver hooped earrings.
  • A frilly blouse from St. Tropez.
  • A belt black belt from Cubus.
  • A stretch black three-quarter pants, purchased years ago at a neighbourhood store in Singapore.
  • Biscay boots in berry purple suede, from DUO.

The party was a blast with awards given out to the most sporting of us all, everything from Best Dressed prizes to Best Pirate Sword Play and Best Drunkard Pirate act.

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