Inlagd gurka / pickled cucumber, Swedish style.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2019

The crown dill and Västerås cucumbers get ripe for the picking at almost the same time in the garden. This harvest timing is probably what makes them a perfect pairing for the cucumber pickling. There are variations to pickling the cucumber that can be found online. The pickling used here includes mustard seeds, horseradish and chili. The pickling is done in two stages. First is the overnight soaking of the cucumber slices in salted water. The next day’s work is to concoct the vinegar, sugar and salt bath that will keep the cucumber slices happy and flavourful till time to serve. Best served with a favourite pâté .

First step is overnight soaking of the cucumber – whole or in slices – in salted water.

Crown dill

Krondill or ‘Crown Dill’, the top of fully grown dill, and mustard seeds.

Next day we fill up the sterilized glass jars with the cucumber in the pickling liquid, lace with horse radish, chili and crown dill. Store cold, and from about a week the pickled cucumber are ready to eat. Similar to cornichons, they go excellent with pâté.

Served on whole wheat bread and liver pâté.