Pâté smörgåstårta made with lamb mousse, and heart and liver pâté.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

One of the more fantastic party culinary concoctions you can buy at grocery stores in Sweden is called the smörgåstårta, or the sandwich cake. A smörgåstårta is made by stacking white sandwich bread generously smothered inbetween with crème fraîche mixes such as the skagenröra, gubbröra or any other type of röra you prefer. The cake is then decorated with shrimp or ham on top, and dusted all around with dill or any other delicate salad leaves of your liking. They make attractive center pieces when dining at a party table, and it is versatile enough so that everyone can get just the right sized slice for themselves.

I was looking for more of an individual sized portion of a smörgåstårta, and one that was made with mostly meat. I used dark wheat bread for the base in this sandwich cake. A gluten free option is to make a fathead bread, or an almond flour based bread. Over the dark wheat bread, is a layer of beef heart and liver pâté. The second layer is a lamb mousse made with ground roast lamb and hard boiled eggs. The smörgåstårta was topped with some homemade mayonnaise, and garnished with tarragon.

Admittedly, I didn´t think mayonnaise would work with the lamb mousse. But, the flavours worked, and I´ll be keeping this on my “can make again” list of dishes.