Signboards along road, Hong Kong.

Information overload along the streets of Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
Photo © Cheryl Marie Cordeiro-Nilsson for CMC 2010

Characteristic of Hong Kong is the information overload that greets you along its busy streets, not only from signboards that hang abovehead, but by all the minute happenings along the street and around every street corner. From the movement of goods from van to store, to the bargaining for the best prices and the rush for buses, taxis and the MTR, it’s tempting to want to observe everything when you’re there. For a first time visitor, it’s perhaps sometimes easier if you just ignored for the most part, the things that happen around you in order not to feel overwhelmed by it all, for Hong Kong like Singapore with a sliver of difference, seems also a city that hardly sleeps.

These pictures were taken mostly in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, with the wet market scenes most familiar and heartwarming to me.

Signboards, Hong Kong.

Signboards displaying Hong Kong’s unique culture, reflecting the busy streetlife of old China.

Roasted meats, Hong Kong.

Eating out in Hong Kong is seldom a problem. Here, different types of roasted meats for the picking.

Stall selling eggs, Hong Kong street wet market.

Egg seller, street wet market, Hong Kong.

Chestnuts and galangal, Hong Kong street wet market.

Baskets of chestnuts and galangal, street wet market, Hong Kong.

Customer, Hong Kong wet market along the street.

Marketing, an everyday affair.

Chopsticks and menu, Hong Kong eatery.

Eating out is sometimes preferred in Hong Kong, saving time and effort in front of the stove. Here, chopsticks and menus, from an eatery in Hong Kong.

Horlicks, without sugar added, Hong Kong eatery.

Something I haven’t had in a long time – a warm cup of Horlicks, a malted milk drink, without sugar added.

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