As a young girl, my parents often gave me jewellery in the form of simple gold ear studs, a gold ring and teddy bear pendants. My father would buy me silver bracelets, shell necklaces and silver bangles from Thailand and from his travels. My mother would buy me earrings, bracelets and rings in yellow gold, both to wear and to safekeep for the future.

A love affair was thus born for me, between myself and jewellery.

As I grew up, my parents bought me more lavish gifts in jewellery. I received a princess cut, channel set diamond and white gold eternity ring from my mother (also my father) when I was about 21. A sign of their love. As I am not in Singapore and as I hardly spend time with them these days, I wear this ring everyday as a sign of my love for them, keeping them close to my heart.

A woman can express herself as much with the clothes and the jewellery that she wears, as with words.

Jewellery today is as much a hobby of mine as is fashion (clothes, shoes, bags etc.).

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