Ripened honey mangoes from Thailand, sold in Singapore

Honey mangoes from Thailand, found at the local grocers in Singapore.
Photo for CMC © Jan-Erik Nilsson, 2009.

Perfectly ripe mangoes such as these cannot be found in Sweden due to transportation costs, I guess. But what the food industry cannot give us, loving parents can, by dropping a few of these in a box and just sending them our way.

If you’re not living in a tropical climate, perfectly sunripened mangoes are difficult to come by, so I thought I’d share this with you in pictures.

For those of you who are in Southeast-Asia at the moment, now is the time to go shop for mangoes, because it’s blissful mango season out there!

I don’t think these mangoes could’ve lived a day longer, their flesh so ripe that it looked translucent. It would’ve gone perfect with just about anything at this moment, from ice-cream topping to yoghurt mix. We preferred to have these on their own.

The inside of a ripened honey mango, Thailand and Singapore

Online wikipedia mentions this about mangoes: Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients that qualify it as a model “superfruit”, a term used to highlight potential health value of certain edible fruits. The fruit is high in prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols and carotenoids

Scooping out the mango with a spoon

My less scientific summary: yummy

Eating a mango is an event in itself. I usually slice the mango from top to bottom on either side of the seed and use my hands to go for it, turning the skin inside out to expose the fleshy parts. If that sounds too much caveman in style, a spoon works too.


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