Roberto Cavalli patent leather stiletto heels

Roberto Cavalli black patent leather stilettos.
Photo © J E Nilsson for CMC

At 11 cm high, these skinny stilettos are not the most comfortable to move about in, calling for quite some stamina and that masochist in you to wear them. But some things can’t be rationalized in life and I love them just because they are so impractical, so elegant and sleek in lines – like a drawing on paper that was once fantasy, now turned into reality.

These shoes have a personality all of their own, their tiger striped insoles echoing the sharp look it carries on the outside.

Black dress from Maggie of London, at Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

Draped black dress from Maggie of London. Vintage silvertone jewellery from Lisner and Trifari. Thick banded white gold ring from Cartier.

Depending on your imagination and what you pair with the shoes, it can take you from classy to trashy in an instant!

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro in Roberto Cavalli stiletto heels, shoes

I’m not over my fever on draped clothing, so I thought I’d pair the shoes with this black Maggie of London jersey dress that is draped around the collar and ruched down the sides.

Roberto Cavalli black patent stilettos, shoes. At Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

But then again, you could also forget about walking in these. Some shoes are made to look just gorgeous, strewn carelessly on the bedroom floor, and this pair of Roberto Cavalli stilettos is one of them.

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