Cheryl Marie Cordeiro-Nilsson, Indiska patch-work dress, Emilio Pucci bag.

In an Indiska by Jade Jagger patch-work dress and Emilio Pucci bag.
Photo: JE Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2011

Luckily in Sweden, together with the long winter’s nights comes the equally long summer’s nights.

The Midnight Sun and the Nordic Light are recognized concepts that both refer to the long evenings that seamlessly transforms into almost sunlit nights, that after allowing for quick skinny-dips in the sea eventually develops into equally magical mornings where the birds contest each other in all manners of the word, telling their females that specifically his nest will be the one best suited for a family. You ponder at the meaning of life and the beauty of it all and you think these evenings are so ideally suited to be spent in the garden, talking to friends and philosophizing on things that are, that you can almost, but just barely, forgive the climate gods that created the winters of this place.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro-Nilsson in Indiska dress and Emilio Pucci bag.

Colours are on the streets this year in Sweden.

This year, it’s as if Sweden had skipped spring altogether and gone straight for summer, with the result of colours and silk chiffons exploding on the fashion scene on the streets. Denim is always the in-thing for summer, with the particular 70s high-waists this year but really, what’s catching most people’s attention is still, the bohemian touch and flare of skirts and dresses.

Emilio Pucci beach bag.

Large carryall bag by Emilio Pucci.

Indiska by Jade Jagger dress.

Patchwork dress from Indiska, by Jade Jagger.

I for one, am completely enjoying the street fashion as it explodes in all daring and adventurous wear. I love the fact that summer for Swedes means that what is private, intimate and conservative gets thrown out the window come advent of the first of May in Sweden.

So forget modest, forget drab, just lets celebrate the beginning of Summer and the fertility of the soil, in the manner that these fundamentally Hedonistic people in this part of the world have done for thousands of years. Forever Vikings, in their heart.

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