Kuriaki Grouliou, who is from Athens, Greece, makes wearable art in a myriad of styles, using different materials.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2017

Over dinner, Kuriaki Grouliou mentioned that she made and sold jewellery. She had just arrived together with her family in Sweden from Athens, Greece. My eyes lit at that information. She wondered if I wanted to see what she had made. The resounding answer from my side was, yes! Or, nαί, in Greek. She then pulled out several nondescript boxes. Carefully unlidding them one by one, the boxes spilled a burst of colours in miniature designs. She began showing me a variety items, not just jewellery but cufflinks, hair pieces, headbands, etc. I took my time to go through her hand crafted pieces, marvelling at the exquisite detail all made in less than 2×2 cm of space. I asked her what inspired her to create such beautiful, wearable pieces of art.

Inspiration for Kuriaki comes from almost anywhere and anyone. Her own life story is inspiration to some pieces as well. She has a neice who was both ambivalent and excited to be on a swing, the result of which was that the little girl would span her hands wide, holding on tight to the swing ropes. This, Kuriaki captured in miniature claywork, a perfect windowsill adornment. There is also a series of what I would call storyboard earrings and rings that appear in my favourite colours of winter-silver and the deep blue of lapis lazuli.

She plans to showcase her handicraft at the Gothenburg Christmas market at Haga that runs between 25 Nov. to 17 Dec. 2017. I brightened at the thought of Christmas around the corner, and told her that I would certainly be at the Haga julmarknad Göteborg, and looked forward this year to see her art be part of the Christmas cheer and spirit.

Trying on a crocheted necklace, by Kuriaki Grouliou.

Inspiration for Kuriaki Grouliou could come from anything, anywhere. In this case, her own life events of moving to Sweden inspired her to produce a set of storyboard earrings. For the first time in her miniature art, she said she had used dark blue hues and deep forest greens. In Greece, colours were brighter, bright pinks, yellows and turquoise.

One of my favourite pieces in Kuriaki Grouliou’s miniature art collection. A love narrative in a ring.

Girl on a swing by the window, by Kurkiari Grouliou. The little girl on the swing was inspired by Kuriaki’s own niece, who was both ambivalent and excited at the same time to be on a swing when she got the opportunity.

I’m wearing a crochet ring and earrings in tribal motif in clay, by Kuriaki Grouliou.