Shrimp, salmon and cheese salad at Kungälvs Havsdelikatesser, Kungälv, Swedish west coast.
Text Photo & Video © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2020

Although culinarily fairly homogeneous (take for example, varieties of preserved herring and boiled potatoes and/or meatballs with lingonberry jam), the food in Sweden does carry regional variations and characteristics. Seafood and fish tend to distinctly characterise west coast Swedish regional food, not only in terms of the variety of food types but how they are prepared, plated and eaten.

There is little chance at getting bored with the vareity of pescatarian food creations in the Swedish west coast region. This year’s new find is Kungälvsröra and the Kungälvsbakelse from Kungälvs Havsdelikatesser. Kungälvsröra is a creamy mixture of shrimp and mayonnaise with red onion and dill. Kungälvsbakelse, is Kungälvsröra served on top of seeded dark rye bread and topped with savoury lemon gel. These delicious mirror glazed lemony confections are sold in neat squares that on quick glance over the counter, resemble a sweet lemon curd dessert.

Kungälvs Havsdelikatesser is a café delicatessen that specializes in bringing fresh seafood to market. Opening in 2019 at Kongahälla Center in Kungälv Municipality, the outlet is located at the corner of the ground floor of the shopping center, across the flagship grocery store, Coop.

The café delicatessen offers a variety of seafood. From smoked mackerel, pickled herring and smoked salmon nuggets to generously plated shrimp sandwiches, it’s luxury to be able to spend time to sample their comprehensive seafood menu. Coffee and tea are included in most lunch sets, which invites customers to a sit-in dining experience, which is exactly the offer we took. The service is efficient, and the atmosphere is relaxed, combining a little bit of the Nordic wet market feel with café interiors.

It was just after 10 am in the morning, so the shopping center was not quite fully awake. We sat comfortably on the café delicatessen’s wood bench and table for our meal. While the set lunch menu makes for a convenient choice, food items can be swapped for over the counter orders. So we also had a go at making our own eclectic seafood lunch, choosing from between servings of preserved herring or smoked salmon. We couldn’t resist but bring home some cognac marinated smoked salmon nuggets.

A short video tour of what’s available over the counter at Kungälvs Havsdelikatesser. This fresh seafood delicatessen counter is located at Kongahälla Shopping Center in Kungälv, Swedish west coast.

To the bottom left of the picture are smoked salmon nuggets, marinated in cognac.


Swedish west coast shrimp sandwich included in a set menu with coffee, at a very favorable price.

The brick and wood interiors gives a cosy feel to the space. Wood benches and tables are also available seating choices at this café delicatessen.

Kungälvsbakelse has the visual appeal of a skagenröra (shrimp, crème fraîche, mayonnaise, red onion, lemon juice and dill) served over seeded dark rye bread and glazed with savoury lemon gel.

Love the functional repurposing of items.