One designer that consistently stands out for me every year is John Galliano. A true artist, I look at his bi-annual shows with wide eyes at every season launch.

A video of Galliano’s 2008, Spring RTW collection.

It isn’t just his shows or models that catch my attention, rather that Galliano is himself a character in his shows; a personification of his inspirations and work for that season. Whether it’s playful, colourful, flirty and light or dark, dangerous and edgy, Galliano is all that.

A look at Galliano’s chameleonic looks / personifications from 2006 to 2008.


Watching the video clip, one may think that Galliano is all play, but he is hardly that. For when asked how he gets his inspiration, his reply was – research. And when he gets into researching a topic, a subject, a theme, he goes full heartedly into it, bringing along his slew of team members with notebooks and pens in hand, writing down everything they see, hear and breathe.

To me, Galliano is always a surprise, his finesse for juxtaposing the expected with eccentricity, to create something of intrigue, of interest and sexy is what I look forward to with every season and every collection.

This picture below epitomizes for me, the intrigue of Galliano, taken from his Spring 2006 RTW collection.


And the sexiness? It runs throughout.

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