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A landmark of the city of Maastricht at Vrijthof square: the old post office building that currently houses 19 gorgeously designed apartments for rent.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro, Sweden 2015

Close to parts of the Maastricht University at the heart of the city of Maastricht stands the old post office building in the corner of Vrijthof square. This great old building has now been done up to house a collection of 19 apartments called Urban Residences.

Besides the proximity to the University a number of numerous places of interest are in walking distance that include the Museum Aan Het Vrijthof and the beautiful as imposing Saint Servaas Basilica, that dates back from 1000, holding gold artwork from the 12th century.

Impeccable in combining function with design, Urban Residences Maastricht won the Victor de Stuersprijs in 2013 for best monumental renovation in the city.

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A little bit of quiet to call your own: a room at Urban Residences along Statenstraat Maastricht provides a comfortable oasis for both work and leisure.

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View from the bedroom on the second floor, down to the living room of one of the the Urban Residences apartment. The apartments are tended to by the housekeeping staff and living here offers much the same service as most any hotel. What you get here however, is a greater private space.

Urban Residences Maastricht 3

Bathroom lighting looking like an art installation.

Urban Residences Maastricht 12

High ceilings with windows draped in white captures daylight even on rainy days.

Urban Residences Maastricht 11

Traditional Dutch stairs in the old post office building, now in white on white.

Urban Residences Maastricht 4

Plastic toy soldiers invites guests to get creative and rearrange what they see in the apartment to their liking.

Urban Residences Maastricht 13

Many details are in the interior are both functional and aesthetic, such as flushed electrical sockets.

Urban Residences Maastricht 5

White doors, needing no twist of handles to open or close.

Living at the corner of the Vrijthof, you’ll witness history and modernity in adjacent, overlapping spaces. You are immediately in close proximity to the Roman Catholic cathedrals and cloisters, as well as to the heart of the modern shopping streets of Maastricht. The early morning chimes of the church bells that melodiously reverberate through the air not only keep time, but act as reminder of the history and heritage of the place.

Highly appreciated amenities to everyday living such as public transportation, grocery stores, the pharmacy, the wet market and banks are not more than a couple hundred metres away.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, scarf Maastricht Netherlands

On a morning before class at Maastricht University – florals on Swedish west coast.
Summer chirpy.