Fruits in white wine punch, Marktplatz, Luebeck, Germany

Fruits in white wine punch, Marktplatz.

If standing space closer to the stage is what you want, then the atmosphere of any festival isn’t complete without your usual handheld foods. In this case, you can have your choice of grilled sausages or bratwursts topped with ketchup and mustard. Directly opposite the grilled sausages is a stall that sold fruit punches, presented in large bowls, enticing customers with various liqour soaked fruits, strawberries, pineapples, melons, etc.

Harley Davidson, VRSC series, Lübeck, Germany

Harley Davidson, VRSC series, Lübeck, Germany.

No Harley Davidson event would be complete without a show of privately owned Harleys, and Harley owners didn’t disappoint as they turned out in droves, casually parking their prized possessions over cobbled stones. All varieties of Harleys seemed to be present at Marktplatz that evening, a surprising many of them were kept in immaculate showroom condition, without a dirtmark after being ridden to the area, with gleaming chrome metal dazzling onlookers.

I managed to speak to one Harley enthusiast before he rode off into the sunset on his pristinely polished bike, asking him in jest, “Where do you keep your bike? Indoors?” His eyes sparkled as he placed his designer Harley helmut on his head, grinned knowingly at me and said, “Yes, in my living room”.

In another instance, the deep chugging sound of another Harley engine caught my attention and I was more or less surprised to have found a lady biker, looking more executive than biker, go around the corner of the road with her single seater red and black low rider.

While I’m not a low-rider fan or a chopper styled fan of motorbikes, I did manage to find my favourite Harley bike for the evening (pictured above), belonging to the VRSC series. A single seater Muscle in matt black suits my personality just fine.

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