Raisin muffin I

Paper petal.
Photos © JE Nilsson and CM Cordeiro 2011

In a busy and often complicated adult life, I often wonder if happiness and bliss can’t sometimes come by the simplest means with little need for preparation and effort. Like a wish to embrace the moment in childhood for example, where happiness is a collection of colored stationary, some really cute erasers and a whole set of pens and pencils in all the colors of the rainbow.

So in all the rush of things to do, people to meet, events to plan and execute… sometimes what I really want are just plain – unembellished – raisin muffins. No fuss. The simple dough, stirred in with good handful of plump raisins and voila… a little bit of magic in a tiny petal paper cup. Perfect to round off the day!

Raisin muffins II

A few tools of the trade you’ll need – paper cups and a muffin tin.

Here’s how these were made, though you could source more recipes via the internet at will:


300g self-raising flour
80 g butter
100g sugar
225ml sour cream / filmjolk
2 large eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
100g raisins

Raisin muffins III


You’ll need the oven at ca. 180C for this. Begin by creaming the butter and sugar together, adding the eggs one at a time. Once that turns a light yellow, fold in all other dry ingredients and spoon them out into the muffin cups, adding raisins as you go along. From start to finish with the batter shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Baking time is equally short at ca. 15 minutes per batch.

Whilst waiting for the batch to turn golden at the top, grab your cup of coffee, read the newspapers, put up your feet… whatever suits your mood and await your Madeleine moment to come.


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