Sitting cozy in a green turtle neck and grey skinny jeans

It was a rainy Christmas this year in the south of Sweden, which was somewhat alright for me since the patter of the rain on the glass windows reminded me of a tropical Christmas. The temperatures outside are just about 1 deg. C very far from tropical temperatures. Indoors, an open fireplace keeps us all warm.


A cup of glögg, a yin-yang arrangement of almonds and raisins and home made fudge

I cozied up to some Swedish glögg, home made fudge and for fun, a yin-yang arrangement of raisins and almonds. The raisins and almonds are what are to go into the glögg, which is a mulled wine laced with spices; mostly cinnamon and cloves. Sweeten with caramelized sugar and add vodka or rum to taste.

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