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Decorating eggs for the Easter celebration has had a long tradition, where some wrap the eggs in leaves and onion peel to get natural colouring.
Photo: J E Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2011

I was decidedly going for pastels this year when it came to Easter Eggs, since 2010’s efforts turned out a little too intense.

18April2011 008

White eggs turn out better for colouring than brown eggs.

A slight change in methods of colouring this year, narrowed down to three different means of colouring the eggs:

i. Tied with rubber band and then dyed.
ii. Marbled – by adding a few drops of oil to the food colouring.
iii. Sponged.

18April2011 018

The colour green also latched on faster than red or yellow.

These Easter Eggs were on the breakfast table, together with some Pizza Rustica, a start to a very good day I thought, and just a brilliant welcome to Easter!

Happy Easter!

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