Draped emerald green top by Vogue. Green is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Combined with purple some believe that it will even be good for generating wealth.
Photo for CMC © Jan-Erik Nilsson, 2009.

It’s finally spring and the days are getting longer up in the Nordic countries. And who’s not looking for something fresh and new to start up the season with?

According to conventional feng shui wisdom all shades of the color green is good for revitalising energy. So in that sense, green in its various shades and hues can be used to this effect. Lillian Too, a fengshui expert, also believes that green is the colour to wear for 2009 for the purposes of attracting financial success.

The green top paried with gold tone dangling earrings from H&M.

The word green is related to the Old English verb growan, “to grow” and as a colour, it lies in the middle of the cool and warm spectrums, thus providing a balance between these two spectrums. In colour therapy, green is often used to relieve stress, calm the nerves and brighten moods.

The top is paired with a dark blue pair of skinny jeans from MNG, Mango.

In terms of the home, having potted plants and green foliage is a great way to bring the colour indoors. Large lush leaves either in a deep green or a light green are what I like to see in the corners of a room.

Draped emerald green top by Vogue, backless.

In terms of fashion, green lies on a rather low quotient in my wardrobe, this draped top beingi one of them. It’s in line with my current style mood which is relaxed, bordering on oversize and comfortable.

Who knows, it might turn out to be good for some luck too!

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