Coloured Easter eggs, Easter Lilies, Sweden.

Easter lilies and coloured Easter eggs.

Photo © Cheryl M. Cordeiro Nilsson for Cheryl Marie Cordeiro 2010

One of the exciting events to look forward to in school when I was young during Easter week was the Easter Egg Hunt. The teachers would hide colourfully painted hard boiled eggs in one of our school gardens – the smaller gardens of the school – and the girls simply had to roam the gardens in search for them. Each girl who found an egg had a present to look forward to.

Coloured Easter eggs, various methods of colouring, coloured feathers, Sweden.

I delight in having a basket of eggs during Easter, it’s almost always a conversation point for guests at our place, not to mention, a convenient snack between meals, the eggs being dyed with food dye.

Easter Lilies and coloured Easter eggs in basket, Sweden.

Several techniques were used in dying the white shelled hard boiled eggs that included swiping the eggs with food colouring on a paper towel, placing them in hot coloured water and rolling them in a plastic bag containing food dye. Putting dye directly onto the surface of the eggshell will render stronger colours while the pastel coloured eggs were done by placing the eggs into coloured water with about 2 teaspoons of white vinegar. The longer the egg soaks in the coloured water, the darker the colour. To get white rings around the eggs, simply tie rubber bands around them.

Here’s wishing all readers a Happy Easter weekend!

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