Christmas stollen, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

Homebaked Christmas stollen.
Photo for CMC © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro Nilsson 2009

I think most would spend the better half of the year waiting for the festivities of year end Christmas, but when the holiday season arrives, it seems all too soon over because of the rush of it all.

Baking seems an integral part of the year end Christmas and New Year’s activities, of which one of my favourites are the rich fruit cakes and fruit breads. My mother has the tradition of baking rich and dark fruit cakes at Christmas, the type where the fruits soak in cognac for weeks prior to baking. My father has the tradition of baking sugee cakes at Christmas.

In Sweden today, we managed a fruitbread or a Christmas stollen, dusted over decadently with icing sugar. I’ve always loved fruit filled cakes and breads since I was a little girl and it was only ever at year end that I got to eat the cognac or brandy filled ones, tasting the variations of the cakes and breads whilst visiting relatives.

We made our fruit bread this year with a generous dash of orange liqueur and found that this bread goes well with a good orange marmalade.

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