Chocolate peanut spread and brownie cupcake topped with strawberry jam.

A homemade peanut butter chocolate spread atop a cupcake chocolate brownie.
J E Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2010

So I ran out of Nutella. Complete devastation on my part, me being almost addicted to the stuff. But on the upside of this small set-back for breakfast this morning was the fact that I could now raid my kitchen cupboards to make my own chocolate spread.

Roasted peanuts

Roasted peanuts.

I found myself staring at a bag of roasted peanuts and immediately recalled the last time I attempted to make my own peanut butter. Disastrous. I turned out overly chunky and non-spreadable peanut butter. So appalled at what I could possibly churn out with something as simple as a little oil, ground peanuts and sugar that I haven’t brought myself to try again since then.

But I took a deep breath, with my conviction that nothing could possibly go that wrong with nuts in chocolate made spreadable, and decided to see if I could combine the two to get … peanutella?

Peanut butter and melted chocolate swirl.

Ground peanuts and melted chocolate swirl.

So there isn’t a recipe that I have to share today but rather this peanut chocolate spread was really as my great grandmother would say, agak agak on all ingredients.

Chocolate peanut spread.

Decadent in a jar – not for calorie counters.

The peanuts that were ground into a paste with honey and sugar, stirred into molten dark and white Valrhona chocolate, turned out nice and spreadable.

Later in the afternoon a spread on top of a chocolate muffin proved quite a perfect Swedish “Söndag fika”.

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