Swedish gyllenmust, Vahlrhona cocoa powder, gingerbread cookies

Chocolate gyllenmust (oatmeal drink) with gingerbread cookies.
Photo Cheryl Marie Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2009

As with the United Kingdom, Sweden is experiencing some harshly cold weather these days, averaging a -10 deg C outside with strong winds.

What I find quite comforting for the weather is an oatmeal based hot drink that in Sweden is called Gyllenmust. The finely ground oatmeal once cooked, gives a wonderfully thick consistency that fills the stomach.

Milk in a pot, on a stove with cinnamon, ready for gyllenmust making

A dash of cinnamon into the warming milk starts the process.

Traditionally, Gyllenmust is made with milk and sweetened with raisins dropped in during the cooking process. I like to have mine unsweetened, with a hint of cinnamon and a more generous helping of cocoa powder. A cup of this chocolate oatmeal drink and some gingerbread cookies can make most anyone snug in the cold.

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