Natasha showing the dress that later actually is worn by the winner

Natasha, the head stylist, shows the dress that later actually was worn by one of the the winners
Photo for CMC by: Jan-Erik Nilsson © 2009.

The trip up to Oslo from Gothenburg was some four hours of relaxed travelling. The roads were good and were being improved along the way as we travelled towards a more and more wintry landscape in southern Norway. We arrived at about 2 pm and after checking in at the Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania, the first thing was to meet up with Peter and his styling team, and to send the girls off to their various appointments.

Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania is one of Oslo’s most modern and comfortable first-class hotels, and is located at the very heart of Oslo. It was a very good choice and was a very pleasant stay. Though we were early, the atmosphere at the meeting place was electric, with the styling team on location and already at work!

We first said hello to the organizers Peter Hadward and Björn Virik, and were then introduced to the head of the make-up and styling team, Natasha, who helped us with the fitting and the selecting of dresses.

When participating in a pageant it is always advisable to turn up earlier than expected, especially when it comes to picking out swimwear or evening wears. The outfits and dresses are mostly sponsored and you can expect the sizes and styles of the outfits to be limited.

Turning up early will give you the opportunity to pick your favourite colour and style of dress. There is also such a thing as a good fit and a bad fit. It is generally good preparation to always bring along a few of your own shoes, evening gowns and some swimwear for that perfect fit on stage! You can never be too sure at these events. Things happen and things can go wrong. It is in your best interest to be prepared.

Selecting evening gowns for Minna (front) and Katarina (back) at the event.

You can also check if it is possible to bring and wear your favourite accessories – and jewellery – to the outfits. In the overall impression, everything counts.

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Written by:
Cheryl Marie Cordeiro and Jan-Erik Nilsson
Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden
March 2009