Baked honey black and rose pepper Chicken pot with fresh fried Anya potatoes topped with a rucola leaf lettuce.
Photo for CMC by: Jan-Erik Nilsson © 2009.

A while ago, we inherited several old fashioned but good quality kitchen utensils, among them many different pots and pans. These delightful things now sit around our kitchen, inspiring us to cook different dishes in them.

Among them was one orange enamelled vintage Husqvarna cast iron low pot, that we’ve had our mind on finding some use for. And today, we happened to come across some really nice looking pieces of fresh chicken at the local grocers that we thought would go perfectly with this old pot.

We don’t mind sharing our recipe since it is very straightforward. It’s also a light and lovely dish for early spring, where you can sit outdoors to enjoy!

Baked honey pepper Chicken pot

Chicken honey pepper pot, with butter slices over the unbaked chicken.

The chicken pieces were rinsed and cleaned, with some skin and fat left on them so that they don’t get too dry whilst baking. The chicken parts were then placed together in the oven safe dish. One could also use any pot or deep dish for this, not necessarily a cast iron one. To the chicken, spices were added; crushed rose pepper, crushed black pepper and some soy sauce. Some lime, lemon or orange rind were added, if lacking those, one could also use orange juice. About one tablespoon of acacia honey was dribbled over the chicken bits in the dish.

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