At Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Bohuslän, Swedish west coast, Sweden.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

The west coast of Sweden is a summer escape of choice for Swedes. We usually make our way up to Marstrand if we have the drive time, but a little closer to Gothenburg is the drive to Stenungsön. Both routes to either islands are scenic, with opportunities to stopover at small flea markets along the way.

From the late 1800s, Stenungsö or Stenungs Island, located in Bohuslän in Sweden, catered to the affluent who found the island to be a retreat from city living. Surrounded by pristine fjord waters, a summer villa named “Villa Stensäter” was built in 1902 by the coffee magnate Herman Lindqvist. This villa is today a conference hotel and wellness spa, where guests can also enjoy watersport activities. The hotel Stenungsbaden opened in 1963 with 20 rooms.

The main dining is at the restaurant Captains Table, with a fantastic view of Hakefjord at the gate of Bohuslän. Dishes served at the Captains Table are inspired by Nordic and American culinary traditions. You can find the Swedish classic herring from Klädesholmen served with boiled potatoes, red onion, dill, browned butter & lemon, alongside some American favourites such as smoked buffalo wings with cayenne & vinegar sauce.

We decided on a street food style meal on our visit, and went for the fish and chips served with a side of tartar sauce and french fries.

In anticipation of a watersports and spa filled busy summer at Stenungsbaden, this meal at the Captains Table with a view over Hakefjord, was a sheer delight to experience. The friendly atmosphere, great view and excellent service made us feel instantly at home.

Love the skylight roof in this lounge area.

The Captains Table offers diners a view over Hakefjord at the gate of Bohuslän.

A snack from the Bar Menu. Super fresh and crisp street food style Fish and Chips. Fried hake (from the cod and haddock family) with tartar sauce.

There is a little Mediterranean too at the Captains Table.