Capturing rush hour in Thailand, Anders Thorsell snapped this buzzing picture of a BTS (train) station in Bangkok, Thailand. I thought it a perfect shot since he mentioned that photography was strictly forbidden there.

Great pictures can tell a story without words, and in that aspect, I think Anders Thorsell has many stories to tell, all of which are inspiring. He blogs about his travels, life in Sundsvall and the various aspects of photography in different walks of life.

Anders’ picture below, shot in Vietnam, reminded me oddly of the posher St. Tropez, where the narrow lanes of the up-town fishing village made scooters most practical for transport purposes. I saw a similar sight in St. Tropez, with literally hundreds of scooters parked along a busy street with restaurants facing and wondered – if I did have a scooter, would I have been able to find it again?

Tag from Anders’ blog, “Which one’s mine?”

Anders will be off travelling by year’s end, where I look forward to more of his photography and travel experiences.

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