The Burrata experience from Aldardo in Gothenburg, at Passion för Mat 2012.
Text and Photo © JE Nilsson and CM Cordeiro 2012

There are no words to describe the sensuous experience of cutting into the buttery softness of a genuine Italian burrata cheese – seemingly made in heaven on earth, that is Andria in Murgia in southern Italy.

Made from cow’s milk, rennet and cream, the burrata was first made in the early 1900s. After a hundred years of finding its way around the globe outside of southern Italy, it is still considered an artisan cheese because of its contradictory status of being a popular rarity that it is best consumed within 24 hours after its production. Something that adds to its air of an exclusive invitations only experience.

After having tried it in Singapore for the first time, just about two years ago with the Iannone family (ref. La Braceria i and ii), I have personally in vain searched for the burrata in Sweden. In Singapore, the popularity of the burrata has increased considerably. The fine dining restaurant No Menu for example sells 40 kgs of it a week.

And while Singapore has Giorgio Ferrari to thank for bringing in the first import of burrata (together of course with other Italian fineries of food and wine) into a country with an utmost challenging climate nonetheless, Gothenburg now finally has Aldardo.

Aldardo at Passion för Mat 2012

Right now Gothenburg’s largest food fair Passion för Mat is ongoing.

One stand you shouldn’t miss is Aldardo at Erikbergshallen. They are the same persons of Il Molino that import quality Italian fare into Sweden and you should stop by not only because of their fantastic display of Italian cuisine, their inviting smiles and the large crowd of people all wanting their own experience of authentic Italian food and wine at their sample buffét.

Below, some pictures from their stall, cloaked in a backdrop of black with chandeliers for lighting and the array of food you’re invited to tuck into, everything from a choice between 12 month or 24 month old Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese to parma ham from Pio Tosini and variations of salami from Il Grifone.

… a selection of hard cheese …

… a choice between 12 or 24 months old parmaggiano-reggiano cheese …

… olives and pickled zucchini …

… filled tomatoes …

… expertly sliced prosciutto di Parma from Langhirano …

… salami …

Of course, apart from the exquisite Italian food at Aldardo’s at Passion för Mat is meeting the people behind the counters.

Passion för Mat has its last day tomorrow with the fair closing at 17:00 hrs, Erikbergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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