The photos in this gallery were taken for the project Kunskap Göteborg 2021. The project was led by Cheryl Cordeiro and Claes G. Alvstam. Funding for the project was given by the Anna Ahrenberg Research Foundation of Sweden for the period of 2014-2015. Photos were taken by Jan-Erik Nilsson and Cheryl Cordeiro.

Gothenburg in Asia – Asia in Gothenburg

This project is connected to the preparations for Gothenburg 400 year- jubilee celebration in 2021. Its purpose is to throw further light of the mutually advantageous long-term commercial and cultural relationship between the City of Gothenburg and Asia, with a particular focus on the relations in China. Not only the traditional trade and corporate relations are focused, but also various kinds of personal migration and interchange, e.g. students, food and restaurants, joint public sector projects within the sister city collaborations with Shanghai. The idea is to demonstrate how the commercial relations between Gothenburg and Asia already in the 17th and the 18th century gave rise to a spirit of openness to the world that characterizes the city also 400 years later.

The e-book, Gothenburg in Asia, Asia in Gothenburg can be found at
206 pages [epub version]
ISBN 9781386553748


Gothenburg is located on Sweden’s west coast. The sea and an international orientation beckoned for this city, where it was harbour port and home to the Swedish East India Company during the 1700s. This book is part of a city initiative called Kunskap Göteborg 2021, in celebration of Gothenburg’s 400-years jubilee that takes place in 2021. This book is a collection of narratives and insights of those who had helped build the international orientation of Gothenburg from the early 1980s, focusing specifically on Gothenburg’s past, present and future ties with Asia, vice versa. The foundational research for this book in was made possible by a stipendium from the Foundation Anna Ahrenberg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Book Reference

Cordeiro, C. M. (2018). Gothenburg in Asia, Asia in Gothenburg [e-book]. Oklahoma City: Draft2Digital, USA. Available at Accessed 28 March 2018. ISBN 9781386553748.