Beach, Swedish west coast, dramatic

Soft lines of tall grass line the beaches.

It isn’t only the rocky formations that create drama but the wild flora that grow along the beach, unkept and undisturbed by visitors.

Wild apples, Swedish west coast

Wild apples along the Swedish west coast.

I was absolutely delighted to find wild apples, black currants, red currants, and these blackberries! Most of the blackberries have yet to ripen at the time of my visit, but they should ripen in the next few weeks.

Wild blackberries, Swedish west coast

Just less than a handful of ripened wild blackberries for now.

The blackberry bushes that grow wild along the beach are of the hardy, thorny sort. They won’t make it an easy job for you to pick the berries, as they grow in the most inaccessible places such as dry bedrock, in between plunging crevices.

What you’ll need for a wildberry picking spree in this area is a thick fleece jacket (like the one shown in the first picture), that helps prevent your skin from getting scratched either by sliding against the rocks or by the thorns on the bushes, a pair of trainers that can hold your grip on some impossible angles on the rocks and a pair of shorts or better yet, a pair of jeans.

Wild flowers by the beach, Swedish west coast

Delicate, against the rocky surroundings.

Another summer activity that I see people enjoy is kayaking around the archipelago.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Swedish west coast 2

Watching the kayaks go by.

Kayaking, along the Swedish west coast

Kayaking around the archipelago.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Swedish west coast 3

Swimming in the sea is recommended if you’re here during the summer in Sweden. There are designated popular bathing spots along the Swedish west coast that you can look up in a brochure or website just before hitting and exploring the area. The waters here are generally clean and crystal clear, albeit a little cold if you’re coming from the tropics. Water temperatures are usually 18 to 22 deg C at this time of year.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Swedish west coast 4

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