Olive oil pouring

Olive oil into the mixture.

Flavour the slightly dried out yoghurt with 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar and a dash of olive oil.

Mixing tzatziki

Mixing the tzatziki.

Mix the drained cucumber into the yoghurt dressing. This dressing we made is quite strong and flavourful. You can easily double the amount of yoghurt if you need more or want to keep down the impact of the garlic. The flavour will improve if kept overnight in the fridge.

Lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets in a grill pan

Lamb cutlets in a cast iron grill pan. I don’t really agree with the cutting of these cutlets. I’d rather have them cut like clubs and frenched, since I think it makes a nicer plate.

You actually don’t need any meat to a Greek salad lunch but these two lamb cutlets looked so tempting where they lay at our local shop. I felt they were talking to me – cook me – so, I thought, why not. After trying back and forth I have become a convinced fan of salting (well) in advance of frying. Some say don’t salt at all before eating, but I think about 50 minutes in advance of frying is the best. Then the meat juice and the salt have time to blend and go right back into the meat again, to help bring out those flavours we want when frying.

Besides salt I don’t add any spices at all. Some rosemary and a few drops of olive oil if you like. A dash of fresh lemon when you serve will bring this simple dish up to perfection. But no fretting, after all it is summer and it was nice and easy as we wanted.

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